Get Support from the MedHelper Program

Do you take medications or have a health condition?

The MedHelper program can help you better manage your health by providing you access to a clinical pharmacist and our mobile app for care plan management.

Program Benefits

Check 1Dedicated time with a healthcare professional
Check 2Gain a better understand of your health condition and medications
Check 3Customized care plan and tools to help you achieve your health goals

It begins with an in-depth consultation with a Clinical Pharmacist

Meet virtually with a clinical pharmacist at your convenience and in complete confidentiality. Using the MedHelper platform you will pass through an in-depth review of your medications and establish goals to optimize your health.

You will leave the session with a better understanding of your health condition and medications.

Gain access to a mobile application for support and connectivity

The MedHelper app is a portable record of your medication and other care plan items. You will receive a summary of your goals and use the app to achieve them.

The app includes dashboards and reports for you to keep track of your progress. You can quickly and securely share your results with the clinical pharmacist at your bi-annual follow-up appointment.

Learn more about the features available in our mobile app

Ongoing Support

Through the app you will have access to book an "on-demand" consultation with the clinical pharmacist to answer any questions or concerns. You can also access help articles and customer support to help maximize your use of the mobile app.

A Secure and Confidential Solution

The MedHelper program is completely confidential. Any health information shared with MedHelper and the Clinical Pharmacist is never disclosed or shared with your Employer. Our enterprise grade mobile app uses multiple safeguards to protect your data. Rest assured knowing your data is secure and is always owned by you.