The MedHelper Solution for Healthcare Professionals

Opportunities to Improve Patient Engagement

Patients forget: 40-80% of information provided to patients in a consultation is forgotten immediately. Almost half of the information that is remembered is incorrect.

Not all patients comply: 50% adherence to traditional care plans. Adherence further decreases as number of care plan activities increase.

Patients need to act: 25% of doctor visits require patients to execute on specific activities for follow-up at next visit.

Gathering information takes time: Average consultation time is 18mins, 5 mins could be saved with access to better patient data rather than interviews.

How is MedHelper Different?

A vertically integrated web-based software for professionals and a specialized mobile app for patient access and real-time interaction.

  • Combinine 3 processes into 1 when transferring information to the patient
  • Empower the patient by creating a sense of getting into a ”contract”
  • MedHelper lowers cognitive strain by letting the healthcare professional know if patient data is available

Benefits for Healthcare Professionals

Direct access from the EMR for fast assignment of tasks and transfer of information and documentation to the patient;

Instant transcription into the medical note, templates to expedite interactions, and smart button indicating if data was provisioned;

Easy tracking of care plan and medication adherence, with the added benefit of custom notifications and alarms;

Graphical visualization of data collected by the patient and easy sharing of information for greater interaction between colleagues.

Benefits for Patients

Streamlined onboarding process and user-friendly interface for a harmonious experience and optimal patient adoption;

Comprehensive features designed to facilitate patient adherence and compliance to their prescribed care plans;

Quick access to care plan instructions and easy response to data collection requests from healthcare professionals;

Effortless and secure sharing of patient collected data with healthcare professionals in real-time.

More Engaged Patients Leads to Better Health Outcomes

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