About HumanisRx®


HumanisRx is a specialized healthcare company helping Canadians with complex or unique needs get the best results from their medications. HumanisRx accomplishes this through its MedCheckUp solution, which directly supports the MedHelper Clinical Pharmacist Program.

HumanisRx Consulting Pharmacists

Your HumanisRx Consulting Pharmacist does not replace your health care providers and instead works with your current team, offering more in-depth support than most community pharmacists can deliver. When appropriate, we communicate directly with your health care providers to ensure the best possible use of medication.

We Work with YOU…

It’s like having your own personal medication coach! Managing medications can be challenging. You may have multiple caregivers who don’t share information or may even receive different advice from different sources. With MedHelper powered by HumanisRx, you get access to a dedicated “Consulting Pharmacist”—a health care professional who works with you and for you.

Through a one-on-one virtual consultation, your Consulting Pharmacist reviews the medications you’re taking and checks in on how you’re feeling. They’ll answer your questions, offer recommendations, and (if applicable) follow-up with your health care team to make necessary changes. If you would like to have another check-in, the pharmacist will schedule one with you.

Convenience and Comfort

No awkward in-store discussions. No line-ups. No pressure. Just talk with your friendly Consulting Pharmacist on your time in the comfort of a private location of your choice.

Completely Confidential

You can rest easy knowing that your medical information is protected. We do not share your information outside of your health care team, and all consultations are scheduled to respect your privacy.

Better Health Outcomes

By proactively adding an in-depth medication assessment by a clinical pharmacist, MedHelper and HumanisRx ensure you are getting the most benefit from your medications, so you feel better, are healthier, and don’t have to take time off work because of medication issues.

Learn more about how our pharmacists can help you. Visit www.humanisrx.ca