Post-diagnostic support for employees taking medications

Assisting employees with the optimization and management of their medications

An innovative digital health solution combining clinical pharmacist services for employees with a web-mobile digital platform for execution. Complementary to existing employee health programs, it closes the loop around the entire care plan journey. 

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An innovative approach

The MedHelper platform is offered as a SaaS solution and consists of 3 fully integrated components that close the loop around the entire care plan journey. 

  • One-on-one comprehensive medication assessment with a clinical pharmacist, recurring every 6 months and “on-demand” for participating employees.
  • The web application allows the pharmacist to create care plans, exchange information with employees and visualize data collected by employees.
  • Employees can access their care plan via the mobile App, reminders and alarms are predefined ahead of time by the pharmacist and are enabled to encourage execution.

Provide your employees support and piece-of-mind

Solution pricing in tight alignment with the value proposition - $1 Per Employee/Month

Top features:

  • 1-click registration and human-assisted on-boarding
  • Bi-annual and “on-demand” consultations
  • Unlimited access to mobile App functionalities
  • Detailed quarterly reporting for program monitoring
  • Enterprise grade confidentiality and security