MedHelper Extends Offering to Include the Addition of Pharmacist Services

POINTE-CLAIRE, QC, March 30, 2022 /CNW Telbec/ – MedHelper Inc., a Canadian healthcare technology company, extends its offering beyond their technology platform to include clinical pharmacist services by collaborating with HumanisRx. The MedHelper Program is an innovative digital health solution combining clinical pharmacist services with a web-mobile digital platform. The program is offered as a SaaS solution and closes the loop around the care plan journey between the last medication prescription and the next doctor visit.

“We are very excited to be launching this new solution for employers.” Said Frédéric Simard, Co-founder, Chief Product & Strategy, MedHelper Inc. “We look forward to participating in the Benefits Canada Tech Insights Virtual event on April 14 to present our solution for the first time nationally to benefit advisors and plan sponsors.”

It is estimated that 16% of Canada’s working population takes 3+ medications daily and suffers from 2+ chronic conditions, with 40% having non-optimal medication regimens. The MedHelper solution addresses this by providing clinical pharmacist services to employees taking medications, on a recurring basis and ‘on-demand’, with powerful digital technology to support execution. After completing a one-on-one comprehensive medication consultation with a clinical pharmacist employees can access their care plan via a mobile application. The application offers a suite of features to empower employees to become an active participant in their care plan journey.

“People taking medications can often feel stressed and overwhelmed. With our service we want to empower people to take control of their care plan. We want them to be more engaged and have peace-of-mind knowing they have all the tools at their disposal to take charge of their own health.” Said Terry Fitzpatrick, Co-founder and CEO, MedHelper Inc. “This program not only provides benefits for employees, but employers can also expect an estimated ROI of 5X-10X from a reduction of costs associated with absenteeism, disability, and drug claims.”

The MedHelper Clinical Pharmacist Program is available in English and French in all provinces. The digital application is available for iOS and Android devices. Without any system integration required Canadian employers can easily add MedHelper to their workplace benefits to avoid unnecessary cases of illnesses, absenteeism and disability tied to medication management.

Employers can learn more about adding MedHelper to their workplace benefits here.

About MedHelper
MedHelper is the leader in providing post-diagnostic support for people taking medications. The Montreal based healthcare technology start-up specializes in digitizing personalized care plans to make them more accessible. The solution encourages better care plan execution, builds stronger relationships and communication between individuals and their healthcare providers.

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About HumanisRx
HumanisRx Corporation helps Canadians with complex or unique needs get the best results from their medications. Its team of licensed pharmacists and technology experts is dedicated to building solutions that support the shared goals of private and public payors, healthcare providers, health organizations and the Canadians they serve.

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