MedHelper Program

Managing medications isn't easy, MedHelper is here to help!

The MedHelper Program offers you a one-on-one consultation with an affiliated HumanisRx Clinical Pharmacist. The Clinical pharmacist works directly with you to ensure that the medications you are prescribed (including any over the counter medications) contribute to the best possible health outcomes. Paired with MedHelper’s leading digital platform (available on iOS or Android) you have access to the best solution to help you manage your medications.

This service is free as part of your group benefits.

It is IMPORTANT to note, that all health information shared with MedHelper and the HumanisRx Clinical Pharmacist is never disclosed or shared with your Employer.

This program may be right for you if:

  • You take one or more medications
  • You have questions or concerns about the medications you are taking
  • You are experiencing undesirable side-effects from your medications

What is the MedHelper Program?

  • Meeting #1 - Initial Consultation - Intake Session
    Meet with one of our affiliated HumanisRx healthcare professionals to review your medications, medical conditions and to set goals of therapy.
  • Meeting #2 - Clinical Pharmacist Consultation
    Meet with one of our affiliated HumanisRx clinical pharmacists to review your care plan and develop strategies to meet your goals of therapy.
  • 6-month Follow Up
    A 6-month follow up will be scheduled (don’t worry you can easily modify this appointment if needed). Our clinical pharmacist will work with you to determine the best way the MedHelper app can help you manage your medications between your appointments.

Click here to learn more about the MedHelper app.