MedHelper for Professionals

An End-to-End Solution to Support All Phases of the Care Plan Journey

MedHelper is an innovative digital solution designed to improve adherence to care plans ranging from medications to rehab therapies.

A user-friendly application assists individuals in the management of their care plan

  • Supports all care plan types including medications, therapies, healthcare measurements, and personalized activities
  • Includes notifications, persistent reminders, adherence results, inventory/refills, notes and more;
  • Connects easily to share with healthcare professionals, caregivers and loved-ones

Professionals can easily define, access, and modify patient care plans via a secured web-based portal

  • Allows for the selection and transmission of an actionable care plan quickly, easily and specific to each individual (via the app)
  • Displays a detailed report of a person’s care plan including medications, adherence results, healthcare measurements, notes and more

Greater interaction between individuals and professionals creates a WIN-WIN

  • Enhanced data quality from individuals allows for more effective consultations while improving health outcomes
  • A sense of empowerment raises the level of engagement and compliance by patients

A More Efficient Way to Prescribe a Care Plan

1. Healthcare Professionals Prescribe a Care Plan

The Healthcare Professional selects and transmits a care plan to the patient via a simple and secure web-based portal, allowing the patient to receive its care plan information and take actions via the mobile App.

2. Patient Accesses the Care Plan and Takes Action

The patient receives an email invitation from the healthcare professional to access its care plan via the mobile App; the patient can then easily and securely engage in the execution and compliance of its care plan.

3. Healthcare Professional Consults and Adjusts the Care Plan

The Healthcare Professional easily accesses the patient's care plan report in real-time using a secure code provided by the patient, providing visibility quickly to medications, adherence, healthcare measurements, patient notes and more.

Digital Healthcare Innovation


Healthcare Professionals become more efficient at gathering patient reported data, while also improving accuracy and stimulating adherence, leading to better health outcomes.

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