The MedHelper App for Patients

Challenges for Patients After a Medical Consultation

Most people struggle to remember what doctors say during appointments. 40-80% of the information provided in a consultation is forgotten immediately. And only half of what is remembered is correct.

Doctors make recommendations to their patients. Doctors may give instructions such as requesting to complete blood work or booking an appointment with a specialist.

Doctors ask patients to gather information and report back at their next appointment. Doctors may ask patients to record symptoms or side effects; or keep track of measurements like mood or blood pressure.

MedHelper Provides Patients Piece-of-mind

  • MedHelper is a mobile application that allows patients to receive information from their healthcare professional.
  • A professional can send documents, instructions and care plan items (such as medications, activities and measurement).
  • When a patient activates their account all the items are organized in a care plan that patients can easily follow with the help of the app.

Benefits for Patients

Streamlined onboarding process and user-friendly interface for a harmonious experience;

Comprehensive features designed to help patients stay on track with their care plan;

Quick access to care plan instructions and easy response to data collection requests from healthcare professionals;

Effortless and secure sharing of data with healthcare professionals in real-time.

Learn More About the MedHelper App

Patients can keep track of their medications, manage custom activities (like walking or stretching), record measurements and write of notes.

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