An End-to-End Solution to Support All Phases of the Care Plan Journey

MedHelper is an innovative digital solution designed to improve adherence to care plans ranging from medications to rehab therapies.

Offer your customers a powerful adherence tool to help them manage their medications

  • Supports all care plan types including medications, therapies, healthcare measurements, and personalized activities
  • Includes notifications, persistent reminders, adherence results, inventory/refills, notes and more
  • Connects easily to share with pharmacists, caregivers and loved-ones

Easily access the customer’s care plan data via a secured web-based portal

Access a detailed report of your customer’s care plan including medications, adherence results, healthcare measurements, notes and more

Provide your customers valuable resources

Provide your customer quick access to valuable resources offered by your pharmacy like online prescription refills and other Pharmacy Services.

Greater interaction between individuals and professionals creates a WIN-WIN

  • The online portal allows Pharmacists to gain deeper insight into their customer's adherence and play a role in improving health outcomes
  • A sense of empowerment raises the level of engagement and compliance by individuals

Digital Healthcare Innovation


Provide your customer more personalized treatment and focus on improving clinical outcomes.

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